About Me

Hi, I'm Rhiannon Griffiths, I'm a graphic designer based in the middle of the East Northamptonshire countryside. I've studied computers and design with OU, combining two of my favourite subjects, and love to help people share their ideas through designs. I believe that design should always be functional as well as attractive, it should add to the information and make it easier to digest rather than overshadow it.

" Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs

About Lacerta Design

The name Lacerta Design comes from one of my pets, a jewelled lacerta called Loki who has the brightest colours I've seen in any animal. She started out a dull brown grey and now stands out no matter where she is with her green body and blue 'eye' spots down her side. I love helping products and ideas stand out, to help you to make them clear and easy to see and stand out from your competitors. I hope that as you and your company grows it will have the look and feel that you imagine and that I can help with that.

Having grown up surrounded by the beautiful English countryside I have a passion for making sure this is around for future generations and try to use sustainable design ideas as much as possible. I have always loved design from when I was little and playing around with colours and styles as I grew up. When I found out what a graphic designer does around nine or ten I decided that's what I wanted to do and haven't looked back. I have always had a love of computer games, from floppy discs and Pong, and learning how they worked so combining the two seemed perfect and I studied Computing, IT and Design with the Open University getting a BSc (hons). I've worked on a range of projects from small start-ups to designing web magazines for national charities and projects accessed internationally.